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Looking for a good firewall, a safe web browser, antivirus, anti spam, anti adware, anti spyware or anti-phishing program and other useful software that every computer user should have installed? Look no further.
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If you are connected to the Internet in any way, you should be running a firewall software. Once installed, you will be amazed at how many attacks hit your machine every day looking for mail servers (spam), news servers, file sharers or just to attack you and cause you harm. Lucky for us, there are programs available to help us keep hackers at bay.

Our firewall software listings provide the best software downloads for controlling traffic between individual computers or networks in order to prevent malicious connections. For more helpful resources for running a personal firewall, visit our informationsal pages for free firewall software, the most popular firewall software and latest releases in personal firewalls. Use the top-rated firewall software page to find your own personal firewall to suit your needs. A good firewall is a must!

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Download FirefoxMozilla Firefox:
The fastest, most secure and most customizable web browser available. If you don't have it already, download it today!

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