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Domain names

Domain names

When a registrar registers a .com domain name for the end-user, it must pay a maximum annual fee of US$6.00 to VeriSign and a US$0.25 administration fee to ICANN. VeriSign is the registry manager for .com gTLD. Low cost bulk registrars like Go Daddy, Enom and Moniker must manage their margin after paying these fees and their equipment cost. It's a very competitive business, but unless you know these things, you might end up paying more than you actually should.

Here are some more tips on choosing the best domain name:

1) Don't register domain names that are too long and have too many syllables if you can help it.  Yes, you can register names up to 63 characters long, but that doesn't mean you have to use all 63 characters.

You want your name to be easy to remember. Not everyone will bookmark your page initially so try to think of something that can be easily remembered -- although I realize this may be tricky since a lot of names are taken these days.

2) Use hyphens if your name is more than 3 words long (unless your name includes 3 short words).  A name like doesn't really need a hyphen because it's readable the way it is.  

However a name like looks better than since there are so many words in the name.

3) Protect your name by registering multiple extensions (.net, .org, etc.)  This deters people from copying your name. For example, if you own you can also register and any other extension that's available.

You don't have to build a site on all the domains, but you can reserve the others to keep people (copycats) from registering them.